Videoconferencing: How to succeed in online meetings?

Videoconferencing: How to succeed in online meetings?

With the growing popularity of telecommuting due to the pandemic, more and more meetings are held remotely interactive digital signage. Sometimes you work with teammates, collaborators or clients who are in various sites, or even in other countries.

However, how do you make sure that these virtual meetings are as effective as all the other meetings you organize in a company?

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So here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for your online meetings.

What is an online meeting?

This type of meeting allows for virtual exchange in real time from a collaborative web tool with several remote participants therev. This meeting is identical in every way to the traditional meeting which is held in a physical place.

It is credited with several names including videoconferencing, online conferencing, online meetings, virtual meetings, remote virtual meetings, telepresence and of course remote meetings.

Benefits of an online meeting

Best means of communication to continue working as a team in telework mode

Ideal for those who are self-employed (freelance) or small teams that do not have a workspace (startup)

Ideal for people who travel or who live in an environment far from urban centers, because it is held in any place, as long as there is an Internet connection

No need to have a conference room or book it months in advance

Saving time and money on travel (car rental, plane, etc.)

The use of the camera allows you to see members of your team that you would not be able to see otherwise

The tools you need for a successful videoconference

Video Conferencing: Why It Is A Preferred Communication Tool


The video conference can see the presenter and talk and have a lot of people involved.

Web-conference or webinar

People must register to participate. A URL link happens to be sent by email to the participants, by the front-runner, with a precise meeting time. This type of meeting is used to give training, to transmit information. Screen sharing allows you to see what the host is doing on their computer.

Video chat or instant messaging and VoIP

It is an inexpensive group video call that is made from a downloadable application. Some products, without the need to install any software, use the web browser.

This way of proceeding makes it possible to see the people present, to discuss. In short, it’s as if everyone was in the same meeting room! The number of participants is low, because the connection can sometimes be bad.

Collaborative meeting management tool

Video conferencing is often associated with a meeting management solution during screen sharing that allows you to present and access documents and work collaboratively in real time. A tool even makes it possible to assign tasks in meetings and to monitor decisions.

How to choose your videoconferencing solution?

Your favorite tool for virtual meetings need to be fully integrated, so use the tool to see each other to document your meetings. Another tool you might like and it’s free, Zoom, because it’s easy to use and the connection is always flawless.